Empowering young adults to craft their own success

Craft Your Portrait delivers workshops that empower and inspire high school students to find their own answers to questions like:

  • What is my value?
  • How can I identify my own talents?
  • What can I offer a potential employer?
  • How can I market myself to colleges and companies?
  • How do I prepare for life after school?
  • How can I know which career path is right for me?

Kirsten Wille created Craft Your Portrait to fulfill an unmet need in students’ preparation for college and career. Born from those many “if only I had known then what I know now” moments along her own personal and professional development journey, Kirsten’s workshops are relevant to young adults wanting more personal control in their lives and futures.

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Raleigh, NC


(984) 221-1941


I really wish Kirsten’s workshop had been available when my boys were in high school! I think they and I would have come away with valuable insights and tools to help them navigate the important decisions of choosing a college major and a career path.
Schools do not prepare students for these decisions any better than when I was in school. Helping a student find fulfillment in a career is so much more than saying “you’re good at this, you should be that.”
If you want your child to make an informed decision, go to this workshop and have Kirsten introduce you to the tools and how to use them so you can help your child make the best decision for his or her future.
— Bob Collier