I am a scientist by education and training. For me, science was an obvious career choice. It was the area in which I was most interested and accomplished. In high school, I used to drive my biology teacher crazy, peppering him with an endless stream of questions far beyond the scope of class. Science fed my curiosity and fired my imagination. So, I pursued a path that carried me through two degree programs and into a career in biotechnology.

I’ve worked in a variety of environments and cultures including academia, start-up biotech companies, and global corporations. I’ve worked on a range of fascinating projects with significant potential to benefit human health. Yet something was always missing. I found myself constantly waiting for the end of the work day and didn't understand why. "Look at this project I working on", I'd tell myself, "Look at what I'm creating, think of it's value!" It took me a really long time to come to terms with the realization that I simply didn't enjoy the work. It didn’t allow me to flex the full range of what I do naturally well. It didn't allow me an outlet to do what I had to do. Without that opportunity I felt constrained and frustrated. 

So, I decided to change careers and became a certified project manager. My new role has allowed me to more fully deliver the best of myself and was better aligned with my own natural talents. Still, to be truly engaged, I needed more. I didn’t just need to manage projects. I needed to manage projects that mattered to me.

Throughout my life, my greatest joys have been in empowering others to achieve. In college, I tutored deaf students in math. As an industry professional, I created training programs to ensure successful implementation of new technologies. I have delivered presentations to elementary and middle school students in science and created a middle school Young Writers Conference as a venue for students to develop their creative writing skills.

The most powerful influencers in my life have been the people who helped me see the world from a totally new perspective while also helping me see and appreciate my own inherent strengths. That is what I strive to do in my workshops. I bring valuable tools and perspectives from the professional world and make them relevant to young adults in ways that empower them to find their own strengths within and direct their own path forward.